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Our Services

We will undertake general haulage for loads of all sizes, from just one box to 12.5 tonne loads, and we specialise in transporting hazardous cargo. If you need to transport hazardous goods, we are licensed by the Health and Safety Executive for the carrying of the following materials:

• Flammable gas
• Explosive Goods
• Non-flammable/non-toxic gas
• Toxic gas
• Flammable liquid and solids
• Spontaneously combustible substances
• Substances which emit flammable gas when in contact with water
• Oxidising substances
• Organic peroxide
• Toxic substances
• Infectious substances
• Corrosive substances
• Miscellaneous dangerous goods

All of the above materials are carried in reliable, modern vehicles to ensure complete safety is maintained. We have a number of small and large vans, flatbeds and 7.5 and 18-tonne curtain siders with tail lifts – all fitted with cab phones. We offer a same day courier service and are always interested in back loads to Swindon.

We can carry whole or part loads, depending on the size of your cargo and the timeframe. A whole load is the more expensive option, however the cargo will be delivered quickly from point to point, and given complete priority by our drivers. A part load is for smaller consignments where the delivery date is not so important, and it will travel on a vehicle which is carrying multiple consignments for different customers.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?